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English Puritans from Massachusetts Bay Colony

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13 Colonies

The Pequot War (1637)

In May 1637, English Puritans from Massachusetts Bay Colony and Connecticut Colony, along with Mohegan and Narragansett allies, surrounded a fortified Pequot village in Missituck (Mystic). While the Pequots slept, they approached with the intention of attacking the village. Although they fought back bravely, the village was burned within an hour and 400 to 700 men, women, and children were killed. Click on the link above to find out more about the circumstances surrounding the Pequot War and the documentary that has been made about this cheap jerseys event.

The Daggetts lived on a farm in the town of Coventry, Connecticut. Most of the residents living in Coventry were originally from Massachusetts.

Go back in time and "investigate" the daily lives of ordinary people like the Daggetts. During your travels, look for clues from Samuel Daggett's actual account book, newspapers and illustrations from the 1700s to "uncover" the answers to all 7 questions about the Daggetts' world. When you have answered all 7 questions correctly, you earn the chance to prove your skill as a history detective by discovering "What's Wrong with This Picture?"

Historic Shirley Eustis House (MA)

The Shirley Eustis House was built in Roxbury, MA during the period of 1747 1751 by William Shirley, appointed Royal Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony and Commander in Chief of all British forces in North America by George II. The house is one of only four remaining Royal Colonial Wholesale Jerseys China Governors' mansions in the country and the only one actually built by a Royal Colonial Governor. Click on the link above to find out more about this house and its history as well as take a virtual tour.

Drayton Hall Charleston, South Carolina

Explore this website to find out more about plantation life in Charleston, South Carolina. The Drayton family began construction on this house in 1738. In 1974, the Cheap NFL Jerseys house was sold to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Along with many generations of Drayton family, many generations of the Bowen family worked on the plantation as slaves.

Colonization by other European Countries in North America

Brief History of New Sweden in America

In 1637, Swedish, Dutch and German stockholders formed the New Sweden Company to trade for furs and tobacco in North America. Under the command of Peter Minuit, the company's first expedition sailed from Sweden late in 1637 in two ships. Minuit had been the governor of the Dutch colony, New Netherland, centered on Manhattan Island, from 1626 to 1631. Find out more about the early history of New York and New Jersey by clicking on the link above.

In 1609, two years after English settlers established the colony of Jamestown in Virginia, the Dutch East India Company hired English sailor Henry Hudson to find a northeast passage to India. After unsuccessfully searching for a route above Norway, Hudson turned his ship west and sailed across the Atlantic. Hudson hoped to discover a "northwest passage," that would allow a ship to cross the entire North American continent and gain access to the Pacific Ocean, and from there, India. After arriving off the coast of Cape Cod, Hudson eventually sailed into the mouth of a large river, today called the Hudson River. Making his way as far as wholesale nfl jerseys present day Albany before the river became too shallow for his ship to continue north, Hudson returned to Europe and claimed the entire Hudson River Valley for his Dutch employers. Find out more about New York's early history by clicking on the link above.

Lest We Forget: The Triumph Over Slavery

This Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap website and a traveling version of the exhibition Lest We Forget: The Triumph Over Slavery have been created by the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, the New York Public Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Library, in conjunction with the UNESCO Slave Route Project to mark the United Nations General Assembly's resolution wholesale nfl jerseys proclaiming 2004 as the International Year to Commemorate the Struggle Against Slavery and Abolition. While exploring this comprehensive, interactive site, click on the link for the Schomburg Center to find out more about any topic related to the history of slavery.

Africans in America Part I: PBS companion site

The Africans in America website is a companion to Africans in America, a six hour public television series. The website contains many Nike NFL Jerseys features about the history of racial slavery in the United States from the start of the Atlantic slave trade in the 16th century to the end of the American Civil War in 1865 and explores cheap nfl jerseys the idea that America is a democracy that declared all men equal but enslaved and oppressed one people to provide independence and prosperity to another. Click on the link above to find out more about this series.

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record

This collection of more than 1,230 images depicts the enslavement of Africans, the Atlantic Slave Trade, and slave life in the New World. Images are arranged in 18 categories, including pre Colonial Africa, capture of slaves, maps, slave ships, plantation scenes, wholesale jerseys physical punishment, music, free people of color, family life, religion, marketing, and emancipation. Many of the images are from 17th and 18th century books and travel accounts, but some are taken from sketches within slave narratives, Harper's Weekly, and Monthly Magazine.

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia is a digital collection of advertisements for runaway and captured slaves and servants in 18th and 19th century Virginia newspapers. Building on the rich descriptions of individual slaves Wholesale Jerseys and servants in the ads, the project offers a personal, geographical and documentary context for the study of slavery in Virginia, from colonial times to the Civil War.

Ben Franklin and Philadelphia

PBS: Ben Franklin Interactive

How much do you know about Ben Franklin, his inventions, and his contributions to the city of Philadelphia, his adopted home, and his role in shaping the United States? Click on the link above to explore this interactive website about the life and times Nike NFL Jerseys sales of Ben Franklin.

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Tony Romo top fantasy football value picks

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Tony Romo top fantasy football value picks

finally pardons computer pioneer Alan TuringUtah turns to higher court to halt gay marriageSouth Sudan troops sitting outside rebel held cityRussia closes criminal case of Greenpeace activist the night before Christmas, and Pope Francis keeps winning fans in AmericaCold stays put as utilities work to get power backPowerful bombing at Egypt police station kills 12Vanishing adviser reappears as Iran policy playerI been thinking a lot about value lately. Most of us have a good deal of inherent value. But it different in fantasy football. An individual value is based solely on what he can provide to others, with no reciprocal relationship. On second thought, maybe it not that different from real life.

In any case, value is the key to winning at fantasy football. Everyone drafts from the same general pool of players early in drafts. But if you know what you doing, you find values to fill out your roster in the draft and subsequently on waivers. Entering Week 7, let talk about fantasy football best values. Moving forward, keep the following players in your lineup or do what you can to acquire them:

Philip Rivers: Given that he wasn drafted in many leagues, the Chargers quarterback has been the best value of the year, especially considering how many of his peers have underachieved. It was unthinkable at the start of the season, but Rivers will be a key factor in the success of many fantasy teams over the next couple of months.

Tony Romo: The only QB who could outduel Peyton Manning amid the greatest stretch of Manning great (regular season) career and still be underrated. His 14 TDs are tied for second in the league with Rivers and Drew Brees, and the Cowboys signal caller will continue to outplay the majority of QBs drafted ahead of him.

Eddie Lacy: The Packers appear to finally be committing to the run, and that commitment should only get stronger with wide receiver Randall Cobb out for up to two months and fellow WR James Jones hobbled by a knee injury. Fully recovered from a concussion sustained on a nasty hit from the Redskins Brandon Meriweather, Lacy has rushed for 209 yards on 46 carries the past two weeks.

Knowshon Roddy White Authentic Jersey Moreno: Finally healthy and living up to his potential in the Broncos pinball offense, he continue to produce as a Top 10 back as long as he has the trust of his record setting QB.

Justin Blackmon: His four game suspension to start the season, his talent and his status as the primary WR on a terrible Jaguars team forced to play from behind every week was the perfect storm for fantasy Matt Ryan Jersey value. As he was in the second half of last season, he will be one of the top fantasy WRs from here on out.

Antonio Brown: Particularly valuable in PPR leagues, Brown has been and will continue to be the only reliable performer on the Steelers offense. He averaging more than eight catches and almost 100 yards per game, and his big play ability was evident in a 196 yard, 2 TD performance in Week 3.

DeSean Jackson: I spent lots of time on the road last week listening to fantasy sports radio. I can tell you how many times I was warned not to play the Eagles top WR against the Bucs. He ended up scoring two TDs in his matchup. Jackson, whose 589 yards are second in the NFL, is developing into more than a deep threat. Chip Kelly offense is not the revolution or revelation it was made out to be, but it a very good offense and Jackson, Roddy White Youth Jersey not the QB, is the key to its passing game.

Denarius Moore: As long as Terrelle Pryor remains the Matt Ryan Youth Jersey Raiders QB, Moore is a solid flex option each week. He scored in four of the five games Pryor has started, including the last three.

Julius Thomas: It doesn matter that he technically the fourth option in the Broncos offense; there are plenty of TDs to go around. He won put up big yardage numbers, but he leads all tight ends in TDs with seven. He not Jimmy Graham, but with Jordan Cameron having to deal with a downgrade at QB, Tony Gonzalez staring at constant double teams with Julio Jones out and Rob Gronkowski future on hold, Thomas is in the running with Vernon Davis as the next best thing right now.

Week 6 Lineup Crime: Another idiocy free week. Things are looking up!

Week 7 Lineup Time: Playing without Julio Jones and Roddy White will be a challenge for Matt Ryan, but he at home and the Bucs just got lit up by a backup QB in Tampa, so you should be fine if he your starter. Cowboys Eagles will be a shootout, so a guy like Terence Williams is a great bye week starter, and I expect the aforementioned backup QB, Nick Foles, to have another good game. Alfred Morris has a great matchup against a Bears defensive line that couldn stop a 50 year old, 300 pound Brandon Jacobs. Don get too excited about Cam Newton this week. The Rams defense is opportunistic and on a roll. The Chiefs defense should have a field day against a reeling Texans team with a backup QB. If you wavering on Andrew Luck, I think he rebound and have his biggest game of the year against a Broncos defense that doesn need to stop anybody.

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Why Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Must Fire

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Why Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Must Fire Coach

When you lose 40% of your starting offensive line, it stands to reason that your rushing attack might suffer a tad. Maybe even more than a tad.

But 2 total net rushing yards against a previously winless team?

Well, if you are the 2013 Miami Dolphins in the midst of dealing with a bullying scandal which has captured the nation's attention, the answer is a resounding yes.

Last week, I wrote that the Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito ordeal will eventually cost the team millions of dollarsboth in terms of a potential Martin payoff to avert a lawsuit against the team as well as game Darius Butler Womens Jersey day revenues lost for the rest of the 2013 season due to a likely reduction in fans which will arise if the team's performance and playoff aspirations flounder going forward.

As more information has come to light over the last Julio Jones Authentic Jersey week, however, it is quite clear that Owner Stephen Ross must eventually fire Coach Joe Philbin and General Manager Jeff Ireland.

Though there have been significant discussions in recent weeks regarding such issues as male camaraderie, reasonable work conditions, workplace bullying, and "honorary blackness", the concern going forward for the organization must be how to address external perceptions that Miami is a desirable place to play.

As retired New England Julio Jones Women Jersey Patriot and now ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi recently opined, the situation between Martin and Incognito would not have happened if there was stronger leadership in the locker room. So that's the first red Darius Butler Kids Jersey flag for would be free agents considering Miami as a viable option.

But then we find out that, allegedly, coaches encouraged veterans to toughen up Martin and others.

Perhaps most perplexing from a decision making standpoint is that the Dolphins made Incognito part of the team's 6 man leadership council AFTER a fondling incident of a female volunteer during a golf outing.

So here is the litany of concerns I have if I'm Stephen Ross:

Might I lose support from African American fans in light of the racial slur used by one of my players;

Might I lose support from my female fans given that our team essentially rewarded a player after inappropriate conduct towards a woman;

Might I lose interest from would be free agents who feel that leadership is severely lacking both among the players and coaching staff.

And then there is GM Ireland. The Dolphins have been poor under his stewardship of the franchise since 2008. And then the current fiasco coupled with the Dez Bryant incident call into question the man's common sense and capacity to take charge of delicate situations.

Sometimes in sports, an owner must make a grand gesture to fans and free agents alike that their organization is going to do things the right way and have strong leadership. And even though Coach Philbin and GM Ireland may have know little of the forces at play here, one could easily argue that they should have. Either way, their titles alone make them the obvious fall guys.

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Chris Ivory helps Jets turn back clock to their run

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Chris Ivory helps Jets turn back clock to their run

view traffic Islip, NY 50The Jets weren't wearing their "throwback" jerseys, but the echoes of coach Rex Ryan's favored "ground and pound" offense were evident in their 30 27 overtime victory over the Patriots on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. The Jets ran the ball on 12 of 14 plays on their drive for the winning field goal, including nine times by chief battering ram Chris Ivory.

It was a change of pace for pass happy offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Starting running back Bilal Powell came off the field early with what appeared to be a foot or ankle injury, but Ryan said the decision to ride Ivory, who carried 34 times for 104 yards, was based on the matchup of the Jets' offensive line against a Pats defense missing injured nose tackle Vince Wilfork and linebacker Jerod Mayo.

"I'm a little worried about our offensive coordinator because all he wants to do is run the football," Ryan joked. "We had 52 rushing attempts. That's what I'm talking Paul Soliai Jersey about."

WATCH: Jets vs. Patriots highlights

Rookie quarterback Geno Smith came out slinging with a touchdown pass to Jeremy Kerley on the opening drive, but Smith threw an interception on the second drive that was returned 79 yards for a score by Patriots rookie cornerback Logan Ryan.

The Jets leaned heavily on the running game the rest of the way. Ivory carried nine times for 23 yards in overtime, which might not sound like much, but two runs went for first downs and he bounced another outside for 8 yards on a first down play.

"It came down Paul Soliai Youth Jersey to us," right guard Willie Colon said of the offensive line. "Marty gave us the keys to the car. We drove it as far as we could, and Ivory did a great job of keeping his shoulders forward and gained yards.

"We always knew Chris had that ability. He showed up in a big way for us today, and I'm proud of him. To have that type of game is awesome."

Ivory, obtained in a trade with the Saints during the draft in April, missed most of training camp and two regular season games with a hamstring injury. Ivory was uncertain if Powell was hurt, but he just ran with the rock when Jake Matthews Youth Jersey the Jets gave it to him. Ivory's 34 carries against the Pats matched his total for his five previous games.

"It helps get in a rhythm and get more of a feel for the scheme and the running lanes," Ivory said of the steady diet.

Ivory praised the Patriots' linebackers as a big, hard hitting crew, but he acknowledged that it's his nature to run to contact rather than maneuver through traffic like a sports car. "A lot of guys have a lot of wiggle," Ivory said. "I'm a one cutter. Running inside the tackles, you shouldn't be doing too much wiggling, in my Jake Matthews Red Jersey opinion, unless you have five yards between you and the defender. That's just my style I see it and hit it."

For this day at least, Ivory reprised the role of Thomas Jones, the power back who excelled at running between the tackles in Ryan's first season of 2009.

Asked if this kind of win might set the tone for the offense, Ivory said: "If we're consistent as far as the way we played this week, I think it can set the tone. We have to let it be seen that we can do this week in and week out."

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How the 2011 New York Jets Fell Apart

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How the 2011 New York Jets Fell Apart

At the start of 2011, the New York Jets were considered a team to reckon with. Led by Rex Ryan, their exuberant and controversial head coach, and a young and at times erratic quarterback, , the Jets had reached the AFC championship game the two previous seasons. They were thinking Super Bowl when Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets' general manager, invited journalist Nicholas Dawidoff to chronicle the team's fortunes. "They gave me a security code, a desk in the scouting department, a locker, and the freedom to roam," Dawidoff writes in his new book, 'Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football.' "Nobody in modern professional football had ever let someone like me inside before."

"Anything can happen," Tannenbaum warned Dawidoff at the beginning of the year. "Things can go very badly." And they did. By November, the midpoint of the 2011 campaign, the Jets had gone a shaky 5 3, largely due to the poor play Anthony Barr Women Jersey of Sanchez and the rest of the anemic offense. The defense, one of the league's best, kept them in most games, but the players and coaches had begun to resent their underperforming teammates on the Johnny Manziel Authentic Jersey other side of the ball. Fissures had begun to reveal themselves in the team's unity, doubts about Sanchez continued to surface, and now they were facing crucial back to back games, the first against the archrival New England Patriots, followed by the Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos.

Tuesday was the players' day off and the longest day for the coaches. For most of the morning and afternoon, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and offensive coordinator Brian "Schotty" Schottenheimer would "slow cook" their game plans, as Pettine put it. During football season, every night all over America, sleeping badly on office couches, are overweight middle aged coaches with broken marriages. Pettine slept on the mattress he kept in Ryan's closet.

Some people question why football coaches put in such hours, but a game plan is their creative work. Coaches say that even on the best professional teams, only 10 percent of the time do all 11 players perform their roles as scripted. But you always aimed for better.

Besides, the mere idea of free time is for them anathema they feared not working, because working all the time was the only salve for the anxiety driven nature of the job. In August, with Hurricane Irene bearing down on New York, a Jets preseason game against the Giants had been postponed. The coaches and players were told that they should stay home, and that their practice facility in Florham Park, New Jersey, would be locked and all entry pass codes deactivated. Some of the offensive coaches began plotting to go straight to Florham Park ahead of the storm and stay there, locked in through the hurricane, bedding down under their desks.

"All right, men, Patriot week," Schotty began at the Wednesday morning quarterbacks meeting. He said he would Anthony Barr Purple Jersey first show them some film before detailing his game plan for New England because "[you] gotta learn to swim before you go into deep water."

"What about swimmies?" asked Mark Sanchez. The man was loose. At times, so was his play.

Upon taking the Jets job two years earlier, Ryan had no viable starting quarterback, and to his eyes, Sanchez was the best one available. The Jets dealt three players and two draft choices to the Browns in exchange for the fifth choice in the 2009 draft, and Sanchez arrived in New Jersey to sign the most lucrative contract in franchise history. The Jets quickly made Sanchez their starter, and in his first two seasons he led them to the AFC championship game or perhaps they led him. In Sanchez's young career, the Jets had carefully protected "the Sanchise," emphasizing his virtues, limiting his playbook, minimizing his job competition, posting a media relations staffer by his locker whenever he gave interviews. While he flashed the potential of someday becoming the polished, dynamic professional Ryan foresaw, he was still erratic, and so mostly he was a restricted element in a conservative run first offense stocked with able veterans who gradually, over the course of the game, wore down the opposing defense. That the Jets still had no clear idea how good a quarterback Sanchez would become was nothing surprising; it pointed again to the difficulty in predicting the futures of football players and was part of the game's mystery.

So I felt for Schottenheimer. He had a young quarterback who wasn't much better than during his rookie year. He also had three temperamental playmaking veteran receivers in Plaxico Burress, Derrick Mason, and Santonio Holmes, who all wanted the ball a good thing, except that if Schotty played them all, as Ryan had asked him to, that meant fewer running plays and also no extra lineman to buttress his injured line. That line was a broken fence, meaning you couldn't throw deep, and if the defense knew that there was no risk of verticals, they cheated on short route coverage. So now the receivers were feeling resentful.

It was the opposite in the offensive meeting rooms up in New England. Tom Brady was an easy man for an opponent to dislike. He seemed to have it all: talent, success, good Johnny Manziel Elite Jersey looks, a supermodel wife, and those big eyes rolling petulantly skyward whenever things didn't go precisely his way. So pretty and so good how could you not want to knock him around? But that was not easy to do. Peering across the line, Brady was a defense analyst; his release was rapid and sure, making even mediocre NFL offensive linemen seem staunch, and his arm was strong and accurate. The coaches all looked forward to the challenge of trying to beat Brady as well as his coach. In an era of parity, Bill Belichick was the only NFL coach who won consistently, year after year. Around the league, people talked about him as the ur coach, the impossible model.

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may be the most hated man in sports

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may be the most hated man in sports

Bristol, conn. The Chinese food deliveryman lights up when Derek Carr Youth Jersey he sees Skip Bayless answer the door. thought it was you, he says with a smile, handing over dinner.

Bayless is a regular customer. At his core, he a man of routine, and at the beginning of each week, he orders five days worth of chicken and broccoli (no sauce), his nightly dinners. Every weekend he stops by the same Manhattan deli and buys five sandwiches to bring back to his weekday home in Connecticut, his daily lunch. He a health nut who exercises twice a day. Every Sunday morning is church, every Friday is date night and every evening in between is the same: chicken and broccoli and sports.

On this night, the games have already started. He has South Carolina season opener on the big screen but will soon switch to the New England Patriots preseason finale a final audition for quarterback Tim Tebow, one of Bayless favorite topics and fire up the Vanderbilt game on his laptop, always watching two games simultaneously.

Mallett is terrible, he says at one point. was a terrible throw. Tim Tebow is going to be the backup quarterback for the New England Patriots before all of this is over. just may be the most polarizing figure in sports today. The co host of ESPN Take, Bayless epitomizes the superheated, highly lucrative world of sports talk television. It is a nascent arena that rewards shock and awe more than considered judgment, and Bayless is perfectly suited for it.

He insistent on everything, no matter how contrarian or seemingly outlandish: Tebow is a winner ( next Brett Favre LeBron James is a choker ( Pippen more than he Jordan and everything is open to interpretation (Example: totally against taking America born white players in the first round of the draft.

He helped make Take ESPN2 top rated program, which last year averaged 350,000 viewers each weekday. Spurred by the show popularity, ESPN and other sports networks have made on air debate a programming staple.

Bayless has an argument holstered for any sports topic, all rooted in carefully crafted Bayless ian logic that has inspired vitriol from locker rooms, critics and so many sports fans. Last spring basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said, I could get Skip Bayless in a room, you need DNA to find out who it was. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, during an appearance on Take, called him an pompous, egotistical cretin. to Bayless is easy. Understanding him isn his rough childhood, regimented lifestyle, fixed principles and unwavering sense of confidence that underlies it all. He created a reality in which he always right, and his narrative is always gospel.

Bayless is stoic as he watches football and waits for Tebow to come in off the bench. He occasionally checks e mail, but on this night he shuns Twitter. He has more than 1.1 million followers but mostly avoids reading the feedback there. On Twitter, the nice ones ask him to kill himself; the nasty ones say they help him do it.

like the Wild West, he says. other response is a death threat. who know Bayless best say that it impossible to understand him based strictly on his animated, self assured TV performances.

totally different in person, says Craig Humphreys, a close friend for nearly 50 years.

Skip I know is a quiet guy, says Perry Littlepage, who been friends with Bayless since second grade. we see him on TV, my wife says, can believe that Skip. what is real? That the question that seems to dog Bayless. He swears, the bottom of my soul and my heart, that he not playing a character and he not arguing for the sake of arguing. would be against my constitution, against my religion, against who I am, he says.

People don know who he is, Bayless concedes, and can fathom how much he sacrificed for this job, how he devoted every waking hour to winning made for TV sports debates. His daily routine is split between exercise he 62 years old but has the body of a man half his age and work.

He divorced and childless and sees his good friends only once or twice a year. regrets, he says. is my calling. I was born to do this. enters the game. He takes a bad sack. Throws a bad pass. Most sports pundits believe Tebow will never make it as an NFL quarterback. Not Bayless. can block anyone, he says.

Later Tebow leads the Patriots on a fourth quarter comeback. Bayless scribbles some notes. This will surely play a prominent role in tomorrow show. definitely do it, he says. have to talk about whether he make the roster. Have to. He showed up early to the 7:30 planning meeting on ESPN sprawling campus, and he doesn sit down once. At about 7:45, Stephen A. Smith, Bayless counterpart on the program, breezes through the conference room and finds a chair. y he says.

guys, we have a two hour show today, a producer says. have two guests, Eric Dickerson and Ethan Hawke. What do we want to talk about? start blocking out the show on a dry erase board, moving subjects around: Tebow, of course, but also concussions, Jadeveon Clowney, Aaron Hernandez. They don debate in the conference room. will not Derek Carr Jersey show my cards, Bayless says. don want to lose the debate in the meeting. Bayless was named after his father, christened John Edward II, but was always called Skip. He was the oldest of three children and his parents owned a barbecue restaurant in Oklahoma City. Both of his parents, he says, were alcoholics, and his father was particularly rough with him. father was just an evil man, he says.

Looking back, Bayless says a cold, distant upbringing might have been essential. was all meant to be. . I was on my own from the start, he says. have to become self sufficient and emotionally tough. I wouldn have been as good growing up under different circumstances. calls himself the black sheep in a family that was all in on the restaurant business. Bayless brother has credited their father and their Hickory House restaurant with his own success. Three years younger, Rick Bayless stuck around food. He became a popular television chef on PBS, published nine books, opened some of Chicago best restaurants and is a favorite of the Obamas.

He declined to be interviewed for this story but has never publicly lamented his upbringing and has cited his father as his greatest influence. Among the most well known siblings on television, Skip and Rick Bayless have virtually no relationship today.

Skip says they were never particularly close had nothing in common except a mom and drifted further apart when Skip accepted a sportswriting scholarship to Vanderbilt and left his two siblings alone in a volatile home. resented my leaving them in a lurch, he says.

After he moved away, Bayless says his brother and sister helped their mother find sobriety. His father died of cirrhosis of the liver while he was school. He returned to Oklahoma for the funeral but refused to help carry the casket. In the 1990s, Bayless legally changed his name to Skip, cutting off a final tie with his father.

The only time Bayless says he got drunk was with Joe Namath. Namath agreed to meet at a bar, but Bayless didn drink. He ordered red wine to be social and politely sipped his way through two glasses while Namath told old stories and welcomed new friends.

looked at my watch and realized I had to leave, Bayless says. got up, planted to turn and completely lost my equilibrium and crashed into a man at the next table, falling on the floor. I looked up and Joe was leaning over me and said in an Alabama accent, you drunk. one of the few professional missteps Bayless recalls taking. He still a teetotaler today.

He caught the opinion bug early. At Teddy Bridgewater Kids Jersey Vanderbilt, Bayless wrote features for the Miami Herald and then the Los Angeles Times before becoming one of the youngest columnists in the country, accepting a job with the Dallas Morning News when he was just 26. He made an immediate splash, skewering Texas sacred cows such as Tom Landry, the legendary Dallas Cowboys coach, and Tex Schramm, the team general manager.

was not well liked. . He had an ego like nobody else in the world, and he was very reclusive, says Dave Smith, the former sports editor of the Morning News. The editor and columnist overlapped for only nine months in 1981 before Bayless left for the rival Dallas Times Herald.

When the Times Herald folded in 1991, Bayless began a fax service, sending his column electronically to subscribers.

Aikman has denied the assertions. He told a Dallas radio station in 2011, still kind of wonder what I might do to [Bayless] when I do see him. Bayless today: regret nothing. I proud of those books. decades later, Bayless authenticity is Teddy Bridgewater Jersey the subject of much debate.

Stephen A. Smith, Bayless daily foil, briefly had questions himself. curfew. Smith started laughing on air, and Bayless approached him once the red light went off. Bayless told him, Am. Serious. think he insane and he knows that with half the things that come out of his mouth, particularly Tim Tebow, Smith says. I know he means it. He means everything he says. keeps a quote on his refrigerator door from former Supreme Court justice Felix Frankfurter that reads: who is any good is different from anybody else. heart of gold producer counts down and four cameras begin to dance around the set. In an instant, Bayless, soft spoken and shy off camera, lights up.

morning, America. . It Take, I Cari Champion. That is Skip Bayless, says the effervescent studio host, turning to her left. morning, curmudgeon. not a good morning, he says.

After moving on from Dallas to column writing gigs in Chicago and San Jose, Bayless jumped to ESPN in 2004 to help save the struggling Pizza, the network lighthearted morning show. That where he met Ernestine Sclafani, a 95 pound firecracker from Long Island who works in public relations and brought actor Kevin Dillon to the studios. She exchanged pleasantries and business cards with Bayless. Over dinner later, Bayless didn mince words will never be more important than my job, he told her and the two bonded over Love Lucy, Woody Allen and 1960s music.

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